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Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Top 5 Wednesday from Goodreads

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme brought by T5W on Goodreads.

This week's T5W is a BooktubeSFF Awards Crossover topic. They've just posted the shortlist, and readalongs have begun! In June, the winners will be announced. Did your favorites make the list?

To celebrate the celebrating, here are my favorite science fiction and fantasy novels! They're presented in no specific order and I added two bonus books (you choose which are the bonus books) because I couldn't help it. Also, I believe most of these novels fall more into fantasy than science fiction, but what'll you do?

As a someone who also reads a lot of young adult fantasy, I feel at a little guilty for failing to include at least one. But I also feel like I talk about those all the time, and this post would not have been surprising to any of you who have read a post or two before.

But here are some of my favorites anyway, since this post has already gone way beyond the top 5: Harry Potter (duh), Daughter of Smoke and Bone, ACOTAR/ACOMAF, Throne of Glass, His Dark Materials.


Did you write a post for this week's Top 5 Wednesday? If so, add your link below so I can check yours out! Or if you haven't written a post, but would like to let me know what WOULD be on your list, write it here!

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