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Top 10 Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke & The Bookish.

Today's Top 10 Tuesday topic is a bit of a sister-post to last week's.

Last week I told you all about the top 10 things that make a book irresistible to me. The post included my favorite themes, tropes, and topics, including deep, dark pasts, retellings, and forbidden romances.

This week we're hitting those things that make you go ehhhhh when you see them in a book summary or review or on a cover or in an ad.

  1. Billionaires: There are so many of these. Some poor girl ends up with some billionaire boss, or a billionaire landlord, or some generic billionaire corporate guru with a super-vague job. And he's usually a pompous arrogant jerk who smirks a lot and she just can't get enough! I've had enough, though!

  2. Instant Attraction: "Our eyes met across the room, and everything got hard/wet/whatever." I get that people sometimes see other people and can be super attracted to them on the spot, but I'm so bored of it. It's also almost always written soooooo terribly.

  3. Career Men/Women: People have jobs. If they're lucky, they have jobs they actually like a little bit. But there are so many stories about "So-and-so's life has become stale...all so-and-so has going for herself is her apartment, her weekly date with the cake shop down the street, and her job." And she's trying to climb a ladder, but then she ends up finding someone who gives her something better to look forward Boring! Also, I spend too much of my time working or worrying about work. Reading is supposed to be my time to relax and lose myself, and I don't want to lose myself in people who are working or worrying about work!

  4. Deep Space: Sorry, I'm scared.

  5. For Fans of [Pretty Much Anything]: I'll be honest and admit that sometimes I bite on these ones. But the thing is I ALMOST ALWAYS REGRET IT. I feel like it's gotten to be the immediate indicator that a terrible copy-cat book is being sold to you.

  6. Baseball Romance: I used to think that I didn't like any sports-themed romance books, but it turns out that I think it's just ones about baseball. But I also used to think I hated all sports in general, but it turns out I just hate going to baseball games.

  7. Aliens: Yes, this goes along with deep space, but I find it hard to get in to books about aliens. It isn't that it never happens, they're just harder to get excited about.

  8. "Women's Fiction": This one just pisses me off. What does this even mean? What are you trying to say? And why isn't "Men's Fiction" a thing (this is mostly rhetorical, I think we all know why Men's Fiction isn't a thing)? It's as annoying as the phrase "chick lit."

  9. Vampires: I just can't do them anymore. Maybe again some day.

  10. Eat, Pray, Love, or things that are compared to Eat, Pray, Love: This has never appealed to me ever, and I don't ever want to read it, or anything that sounds like it.

And that's it! Did any of my book turn-offs make your list, or are any of them your ultimate turn-ons? Let me know (and give me recos!) and be sure to share your own link if you participated this week!

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Thanks again to The Broke & The Bookish for another Top Ten Tuesday.

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