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Top 5 Wednesday: You Made Me Do It

Top 5 Wednesday from Goodreads

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme brought by T5W on Goodreads.

Ah, peer pressure. And the power of group consensus heightened by a persuasive voice. Whether they're convincing you to do good or evil, we all have those friends who can talk us in to anything--and we love them for it. We're not talking about drugs here, folks; we're talking about books.

Before I became involved with the online book community, I got most of my book recs from word of mouth (I'm lucky with a large group of book loving pals) and the "related books" or "suggested next" sections of Goodreads or Amazon, particularly once I began reading more Young Adult and New Adult fiction.

It's funny how easily you can not even know the online book community is there until you just know it's there. You guys were hiding right in plain sight! And now I can't imagine my reading life without you folks.

Here are five books I wouldn't have read without the bookish community--mostly through blogging and Twitter. I'm not naming any names here (you may not even know that I've been following you and, my god, it's not like I'm a stalker or something). But if you think you were the one to inspire my reading of this book, tag yourself below!

Or, really, any Tessa Dare. I didn't know anything about these incredible historical romances until book Twitter. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

One of my favorite voices on Twitter recommended this one so enthusiastically to her followers. Once I read the synopsis, I got it that day (and probably read it all in one go that very day too?). This was one of my favorite reads of the summer (and maybe the year?).

This one is NOT on any of my favorite lists, but I don't know if I'd ever have gotten around to it without y'all. I'd had it on my Kindle for months but was invited to join a group read on Twitter and jumped at the chance to go ahead and dive in. I basically spent a day hate-reading the first half or so of this. But I rejoiced in not being the only one! (You can read my full review here.)

I saw this one on Netgally and never requested it, but then I saw a review the day it came out. It wasn't even a rave review, but this blogger was so honest about what she liked and didn't like that I had to try it out. 

TBH, I think this series must be some kind of rite of passage for book Twitter--or, at the very least, a kind of litmus test. I'd read the synopsis for this book over and over, and had even read a short excerpt at some point, and just kept passing. But you guys. Love. This. Book. So. Much. Book boyfriends, favorite MCs, all the feels, raving over new releases--I had to see it for myself. And then I read them all in a weekend. So. Thanks.

(P.S. I almost titled this post "Look What You Made Me Do." I didn't, obviously, but I also couldn't refrain from telling you all, obviously.)

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