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Top 10 Tuesday: I Still Haven't Read You?!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Ugh. You guys. Like many of you, my TBR (of both owned and wished for) is a little out of control. I have some books that have been on my list for...a decade? Or longer? I keep saying I'm going to do a massive purge and I'm sure I will. You know, some day.

Today's Top 10 Tuesday is focused on some of those books that have been languishing on my shelves (physical or otherwise), just waiting to be read. They're not all over ten years old, but are ones that I still can't quite believe I've waited so long to read. Are any of these on your shelves?

I have physical copies of many of these, which is also probably in part why they haven't been read yet. The past several years I've tended to prioritize ebooks over physical copies just because I can take my Kindle anywhere, read it at work during lunch or in the bath, and have multiple books with me at any time (and read in bed while the rest of the room is dark).

Is it similar for y'all? How do you encourage yourself to sit down with that hard copy?

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