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Review: The Rules of Rebellion by Amity Hope

Book review of Rules of Rebellion by Amity Hope

1. Skinny dip (her idea) 2. Stargaze (his idea) 3. Prank someone (her idea) 4. Go on a date (his idea) Leo Zimmerman has had a crush on his curvy friend Kylie Jenkins since forever, so when he discovers the girl with a flair for candy making has a newfound plan to rebel against her overbearing parents, he’s determined to be the one to help her carry it out. Who better than himself to show her the ropes of letting loose? Sure, taking her to her first high school party, helping her sneak out of the house, or watching a sunset together isn’t exactly a hardship, but much harder is masking his feelings the more time they spend together. And when he suggests adding “a first date” to Kylie’s plan and she accepts…suddenly all his dreams seem to be coming true. But Leo’s got a secret that could change everything between them, and it’s only a matter of time before it comes to the surface.

The Rules of Rebellion by Amity Hope

This was such a cute, sweet book about good kids getting up to some pretty tame trouble together. Like seriously. Their trouble is so wholesome. Good, clean, fun. All the good kids should probably read this book.

I enjoyed how Kylie and Leo's relationship developed over the course of the book. Of course he has a huge crush on her. Of course she doesn't realize it at all...until she does...or does she? He's got this secret, you see...

If you've read any of my YA reviews, you know I'm going to talk about the parents. Well, while Leo's parents read a bit like caricatures of Unsupportive Parents, Kylie's relationship with her own parents (and Leo's interactions with them, as well) feels solid and fleshed out. I don't think that it's just that Kylie's parents are supportive and Leo's are ridiculous--I think Kylie's are just better written characters. They have more meat.

There were a few misses for me in The Rules of Rebellion. Characters talk about other people's weight in a way to explain their lack of self confidence, and I think that could have been handled more skillfully. I also feel that Kylie's own passions for baking and candy making get lost as the focus becomes more on Leo's art, which was disappointing.

Should you read it? Ready to be swept away? Kylie and Leo are adorable and bumbling and such teenagers. I love them. You will too.

4 Stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Published April 2, 2018 by Entangled Crush

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