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Top 5 Wednesday Rewind: Series I Ain't Gonna Finish

Top 5 Wednesday from Goodreads Series I'm Not Going To Finish

This weekly book meme is brought by Top 5 Wednesday on Goodreads.

Happy Wednesday everyone! I've missed y'all for Top 5 Wednesdays the last month, and I'm so happy to jump back into it with a month of Top 5 Rewinds. This month, I'm going back in time to those topics I missed out on. And since this past month has, for me, been a month of trying to konmari my life, what better to start off this new month with those series I'm ready to say I'm not ever gonna finish?

Since I was a little girl, one of my most favorite things in the world has been to discover and devour a new series, and this love has carried over into my adulthood. However, sometimes you have to be willing to say No more and be okay with stopping the series.

And here are 5 I'm [pretty] sure I'm never going to finish.

The first in this series was enough for me. I'd hoped to like it, but still went in some some doubts, and this one was not for me. I just didn't care about any of the characters.

I think I've read almost all of The Mortal Instruments, but I eventually just lost interest in picking up another. I think this series just got too long for me (I might have also read too many of them at once). I'm tempted to pick up The Infernal Devices, but have been worried that I'd be lost?

I thought I'd all the books in The Selection series except the last one, but just looked and realize I've missed the last two. And I'm okay with that! I enjoyed the first three just fine, but I'm totally fine with leaving it there.

I read all of The Maze Runner...I think? I'm good with letting the rest of this series sit by the wayside, too.

Vampire Academy is actually the only one I kind of feel bad about. I enjoyed the first ones so much (I think I left off at book 4) and occasionally get the urge to pick them back up. However, this is another series that's long as hell--and I worry I'll be lost and need to start back from the beginning, and I haven't been willing to make that commitment.

There are definitely some New Adult & Romance series I won't be finishing up, and could have included here--maybe that's a post for another day!

So, tell me, are any of these series that you've stalled on too, and are okay with? Any you think I should absolutely pick back up? Let me know!

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