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Top 5 Wednesday: Books To Read Before The End of 2018

Top 5 Wednesday from Goodreads Series I'm Not Going To Finish

This weekly book meme is brought by Top 5 Wednesday on Goodreads.

Happy Wednesday! Today's Top 5 Wednesday topic is one I have a love-hate relationship with. On the one hand, I love to make lists of things. On the other, I'm starting to realize that I don't play very well with TBRs. And I know I'm not the only one who creates them with the best intentions but has trouble following through.

With that said, here are the Top 5 Books I Want To Read Before The End of 2018. They aren't necessarily all 2018 releases, or even books coming out within the next 6 months.

Publication Status: The Governess Game: Girl Meets Duke comes out August 28. I've requested an advanced copy, so fingers crossed!

Likelihood of Reading: Tessa Dare is pretty much an autobuy for me, so this one is a no-brainer. I'll read this one before the end of the year (probably before the end of August) for sure.

Publication Status: Crooked Kingdom has been out for a while, and I've owned it for at least a year.

Likelihood of Reading: I recently reread/finished the Grisha Trilogy, so I want to reread Six of Crows before finally getting to Crooked Kingdom. So this one is a bit removed, but I want to read them all before King of Scars comes out next year. So, there are a few more steps in this instance, but I have high hopes.

Publication Status: This one has been out for a while, just as I've owned it for a while.

Likelihood of Reading: I actually just started this one (as of the time of writing this post). So maybe it's cheating a little, but I think I'll finally get this one knocked out (and then maybe go ahead and speed read the rest of the series while I'm at it).

Publication Status: Released last year, and I've had it staring at me from my bookshelf since release day.

Likelihood of Reading: I haven't read this yet because EoS killed me, and I'd been a little mad at Choal anyway. I know I need to read Tower of Dawn before I can read Kingdom of Ash in October, so I have no doubt I'll fit this in.

Publication Status: This one has also been out for over a year, and in my possession for about as long.

Likelihood of Reading: I've been packing up The Bear and the Nightingale on almost every trip I take (I also think I own an ebook of it), but I haven't even opened it yet. I've heard so many wonderful things about this book, I hate to think of it just being one of those books I always meant to get to.

There you have it! Five books I am making every effort to read in 2018. With a little over six months to go, surely I'll get to them!

Are any of the books on my list books you're still waiting to get to, or are any of these your absolute favorite? Let me know!

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