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Top 5 Wednesday: Best Books of 2018

Top 5 Wednesday from Goodreads Series I'm Not Going To Finish

This weekly book meme is brought by Top 5 Wednesday on Goodreads.

Well, it's not just Wednesday today--it's the first Wednesday of July (and also the 4th of July, but we'll ignore that for now). That means we've officially got a half-year of reading behind us to reflect upon.

Last week, I compiled a TBR of sorts, listing 5 books I have at least some amount of faith I'll get through before the end of the year. (And I want to say, that as of the writing of this post. I've actually finished one of the them!) This week, we get to look back at the past and identify the best books of the year so far!

Obviously, not all of these are 2018 releases, but The Cruel Price and Blood and Sand came out earlier this year, and Rust & Stardust releases in August.

Have you read any of these books this year (or before)? What are the best books you've read in 2018? Let me know!

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