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Review: Sleepover by Serena Bell

Book review of The One You Can't Forget by Roni Loren from What She's Read

Elle and Sawyer just look so happy. Which is, of course, exactly how they end up. But it's not an easy trip. It was just supposed to be once. It was just supposed to be sex. But now they're next-door neighbors. And before they can put up their fences—or defenses—their eight-year-old sons have forged an unstoppable friendship. They're still reeling—Elle, from a Facebook message she was never supposed to see, Sawyer, from the kind of death it's hard to live through. A relationship seems like a terrible idea. So they make a deal. One more blazing hot night, at Elle's ex-husband's wedding. You know, because the "just once" thing has worked out so well for them...

Sleepover by Serena Bell

A few months ago I read and reviewed Head Over Heels and declared it "quite possibly the fluffiest book I've read all year."

I still stand by that, but I will also tell you that Sleepover is right up there with it and I am here for it.

I know there is a lot going around about whether or not "fluff" is a bad word or not, or some back-handed compliment. I honestly don't know a single romance lover who uses this in a bad way, and for me personally it means that it is a book/movie/show that makes me feel happy, that highlights some good things in the world, that helps me get back into a good mindset.

So, if you think "fluff" is a bad word, then when you're here please replace it with whatever word you use to describe media that accomplishes all those things for you!

Okay, back to Sleepover.

Like Head Over Heels, Sleepover by Serena Bell is pretty angst-free, especially considering the amount of angst that could be filling these pages. But, also like Head Over Heels, Sleepover doesn't feel glib about it. It's probably because I tend to gravitate toward the angsty books, but lately I'm really finding something refreshing about books where the characters are going through A Lot, but they're also just trying to figure out their normal lives.

I mean, of course Elle and Sawyer both have walls that make their relationship tough to navigate at first. Elle doesn't want to be vulnerable to another human after her husband has an affair, and Sawyer is still mourning his dead wife. There is Stuff to Get Through. But you know they'll get through it, and it's just so sweet. Elle and Sawyer are sweet, their kids and their kids' friendship is sweet, the parents are sweet to their kids. It's also pretty hot, and funny, and full of good relationships.

Should you read it? If you like watching characters Figure It Out and feeling good from reading books, then you should check out Sleepover. As for me, I'm adding Serena Bell to my autobuy list.

4 Stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Expected publication November 13, 2018 by Loveswept (Random House)

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