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Review: Her Book Boyfriend by K.R. Grace

Her Book Boyfriend by K.R. Grace

She believes the secret to love is in the tropes of her favorite romance novels. He’s the best friend prepared to prove her wrong.

Then comes the bet.

If she can’t land a boyfriend for prom by recreating the ten popular tropes in her favorite romance author’s books, she has to go to the prom with her.

The glitch?

They’ve been close their entire lives. He’s the rock god and school legend, while she’s the brainy sidekick who does all his dirty breakups. Thus, finding a guy who doesn’t think they’re already an item is going to be a lot harder than she thinks.

Will she land the book boyfriend of her dreams? Or will she be forced to go to prom with her best friend.

The truth is in the pages.


I was really interested in reading Her Book Boyfriend because I love the friends-to-lovers trope and because the cover is so cute. I also certainly identified with Macey's love for her fictional heroes.

But the book started losing me from the beginning. I didn't like the Macey's-not-like-other-girls bits or the general meanness she directs toward all those other girls. Seriously, I am so over female characters that spend half their time putting down other girls. When are we going to see better in our books? (And, also, for the record, Cam's willingness to let Macey dump girls for him? Gross.) I was also put off by the LGBT+ representation in this novel (both in LGBT+ characters and in the discussions of the main character's own sexual identity).

Should you read it? In the end, I was more than a little disappointed by the story. Other readers may enjoy this sweet romance between best-friends-turned-more (it's also a super-fast read, so readers will love blazing through it). There were just too many larger issues that turned this one off. Proceed with caution.

2 Stars

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

Published August 25, 2017

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