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Review: I'm Not In The Band by Amber Garza

I'm Not In The Band by Amber Garza

I like Kassidy Milton. There, I said it. She’s funny, beautiful—even though she doesn’t know it—and my favorite kind of weird. But I can’t tell if she’s into me or just trying to get close to me for a chance with my famous twin brother instead. I mean, it has to be me. I am the better-looking one. But Kassidy has some demons, and she’s not good at letting people in. That happens when you’ve been hurt by someone close to you. I can relate. Trust is a funny thing; it’s hard to gain but easy to lose. I might just learn that the hard way.


I'm Not In The Band is a pretty cute, contemporary romance. Kassidy goes to a concert with her sister to a boyband she's never heard of, and runs into the lead singer's twin brother near the concession stand. Archer is used to having girls fawn all over him, either because they think he's his famous brother or because they think they can use him to get close to him. So, of course, he loves it when this cute girl seems to like him just for himself. And, turns out, they're going to be going to the same school!

The story is told in dual POVs, and it's handled pretty well. The voices feel different. Garza uses different formats (texts, Facebook updates, tweets, etc.) to move the story along and also develop the characters. Kassidy and Archer's relationship starts off as friends first and it's all very cute and sweet.

There are also some great side characters. Kassidy's sister Sophie is awesome, her young-at-heart mother is awesome, and Archer's friends are also pretty great.

However, there is an issue with Kassidy not being "like other girls," which gets annoying. At first she isn't like other girls because she likes Archer for who he is. But then Archer has some real jealousy issues he needs to work through. I didn't like watching him work through them on Kassidy's time, all the while telling her that he thought she wasn't like other girls.

Should you read it? I'm Not In the Band is a fun, quick contemporary romance that turns the rock star trope on its head and will give readers a lot of feels.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

3 1/2 Stars

Published by Entangled Teen on June 12, 2017

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