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Review: The VIP series by Kristen Callihan

VIP series by Kristen Callihan

The last time I felt compelled to write a review of an entire book series it was the Game On series also by Kristen Callihan. (I still love that series and have since reread several of them, check out the review here.)

Unbeknowst to me, my girl wrote a rockstar romance series called VIP. The first one came out in 2016 and the most recent came out October 2018. It was so fun and swoony, I knew I had to sing praises to Kristen yet again. I don't know if the series is over or not (I'm guessing not, because I think there at least two other stories to tell), but I'll get to numbers four, five, six, whatever as they come.

In the meanwhile, mini-reviews ahead! To read more about the individual books on Goodreads, click the covers!

The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan (Game On Series)

Published: June 2016

Stars: 4.5/5

  • Reclusive angsty rock star ends up crashing through small town woman's fence

  • AND her defenses (cos she's got her own angst)

  • Her name is Liberty Bell (no connection to Glow), and she's awesome

  • She also doesn't know he's a rock star for a while

  • Slow burn, enemy-to-friends-to-lovers

  • And so hot

  • Libby is a musician in her own right, and makes rock star love music again

  • She'll come on tour but they have to keep their love a secret from his band and the world!

  • "But they're going to know the second they see us together, Libs. I'm no good at hiding how I feel."

  • So how long can they keep it a secret tho?

  • Long enough for some sneaking-around fun

The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan (Game On series)

Published: November 2016

Stars: 5/5

  • Bossy British Band Manager meets Mouthy American Social Media Manager

  • On an airplane, in first class and BBBM is afraid of flying

  • The banter! It kills me

  • Also the slow burn of death

  • Enemies to cuddlers to friends to omg get together already

  • BBBM is an idiot, but not a bad one, and you just can't wait for them to get together already

  • That scene back stage!

The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan (Game On series)

Published: October 2018

Stars: 4.5/5

  • First rock star romance with male mental health rep I've ever read

  • John (Jax) is a sweet, complicated, hero with all the feelings

  • He also gets an STD and it's pretty gross

  • Stella is awesome--strong and soft, brave and fragile--and a cat/house sitter for John's rock star neighbor (from book 1)

  • I'm still not entirely sure how she gets such an awesome, high-paying job, but it's okay, I can suspend my disbelief

  • This one's a bit of a slow burn and you'll happily stay around for it

  • Srsly, when they finally get together, it's about as good as it gets

  • Also, cameos from our faves from books 1 and 2 (BBBM, I love you)

  • The end's a little draggy, but maybe I just read these too quickly

Have you read any of the books in the VIP series? If not, and you love rock star romances, check out this series. What are some of your favorite novels featuring broody rock stars?

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