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Top 10 Tuesday: Outrageous Things You Do When You Love Books

Standalones That Need A Sequel Top Ten Tuesday with What She's Read

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

What kind of out-there things have you done for the love of books? This week's Top Ten Tuesday makes me feel perhaps a little too pointed at because I feel I've done some outrageous things in my time all for books. And I'm not talking just stay up all night, don't take a shower, read in the bathroom/at red lights/in the check out line at Target. That's amateur stuff. Don't believe me? Well, then keep reading, because I'm about to bare all.

  • Pretended to read the hymnal in church--but it was the book I'd snuck into church instead

  • Bought multiple copies of the same book--you know, just in case

  • Made a parent drive me over to someone's house just to get back my copy of a book

  • Realized that my grandmother would just literally leave me at the library because I wasn't ready to check out yet, and accepted that I would be living in the library from then on (and kinda looked forward to it)

  • Waited until everyone had gone to sleep to sneakily read by flashlight on the floor next to my bed

  • Secretly never forgave a friend for losing my favorite book

  • Skipped class to read a new release in order to avoid spoilers

  • Took vacation days from work to read a new release

  • Pretended I needed to take a nap on vacation when I really just wanted to go read a book

  • Started a book blog

Have you done any of these things? Let me know what some of the most E.X.T.R.A things you've done because you love books so much!

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